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Providing technical consultancy services, including: radio consulting, municipal technical advisory services, employment consulting, employment screening, radio programming and radio repair services.

Providing Technical Consultancy Services including: Radio Consulting, Municipal Technical Advisory Services, Frequency License Preparation, Employment Consulting, Employment Screening, Motion Picture Technical Advisors, Radio Programming and Radio Repair Services

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(150-512 MHz)


Narrowbanding Notice Released 12-23-2004 by FCC.

FCC executive summary of the order:

  • FCC establishes January 1, 2013 deadline for migration to 12.5 KHz technology.
  • Applications for wide band operations (25 KHz channels) will be accepted until January 1, 2011.
  • Application for modification of operations that expand the authorized contour of an existing station using 25 KHz channels will be accepted until January 1, 2011.  (Also applies to "new" systems submitted for licensing.)
  • Manufacture and importation of any equipment on 25 KHz channel will be permitted until January 1, 2011.
  • Part 90 paging-only frequencies are exempt from this ruling.


FREQUENCIES.   Addressed eighteen petitions for reconsideration of the rules adopted in the Second Report and Order proceeding to promote migration to narrowband (12.5 KHZ) technology in the private land mobile radio (PLMR) services. (Dkt No.  99-87). Action by:  By the Commission:   Adopted:  12/20/2004 by MO&O. (FCC No. 04-292). 


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Narrow Band Information

Narrowbanding Info

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Radio Programming Services

These are Yahoo Groups. Subscribe to the group that fits your needs and ask the question. You will get back the info you need.

Information on other radios/models can be found here:

Emergency/Law Enforcement: (APCO Members)

General: (Arizona Antique Radio Club) (Amateur Radio/SWL using ICOM) (Multi Use Radio Service Info) (Many brands)

Scanner Groups: (North Carolina Scanners - Also covers Motorola GP 68, Motorola MT500, BC250D Scanner) (PRO-96 GRE) (Radio Shack Pro-96) (NASCAR Scanners/BUSCH Frequency Scanners/Race Scanners) (Railroad Radio Frequencies) (Win96 Scanner Programming Software)

Specific Radios/Systems: (Bendix King) (Bendix King) GE Ericsson MA COM (GE M-RK) (GE MTA, GE MTL, GE P400) (Motorola GP68 Users Group) (Motorola Radios: Maxtrac, Radius, GM300, DeskTrac, GR Series) (Midland Land Mobile Radios) (Motorola MCS 2000) (MaxTrac/Radius)

Radio Programming

Radio Programming

These are other companies that do radio programming/radio repairs on what we do not handle:

Blue Feather Technologies Handles the following radios: Astro Series, Maratrac GM300 & GP300, GE Phoenix, Delta, and Ranger series HT1250/1550/'Pro' series (Portable and Mobile), Maxtrac, MCX1000 GTX Portable (Conventional Only), GTX Mobile (Conventional Only), HT50, HT600, MSF5000/10000 HT/JT1000, 
MSF5000 PURC Analog Jedi Series, MTR2000 MT1000, Radius Mobile Series MT & MTS2000, Radius Repeater Radius Portable Series, incl. P100 and P200, Spectra (Standard and Railroad) Saber and Systems Saber, Spectra Railroad Mobile, Spectra Portable Repeater STX (Conventional Only), Syntor X9000 Visar, Syntor X9000E, Syntor X (VHF Low, High, & UHF), Syntor (Original, VHF and UHF), and MCX100

FMR Inc - MACOM radios (refurbished M/A COM)

G & G Communications - Scanner Radio Sales & Scanner Repairs

GL Peterson Radio Sales & Service (GE MPA programming, GE MPD programming, GE MLS, GE MLSII programming & GE MVS programming). See also:  GL Peterson Radio or 325-677-3346.

MDM Radio - Used Radio Equipment: Motorola, Midland, Sinclair, LH Research, Regency, and more..

New London Technology - Buys/Sells GE Ericsson - Lots of vintage GE radios. Buys EDACS Radios (trunked radio systems).

PIEXX (Syntor & Syntor X info and products)

For Syntor X Programming, see: Ocean View Communications (we only handle Syntor X9000, but Ocean View can re-program the MX-300 Series, MCX-100, Syntor and  Syntor X radios).

Midland Radios Programming & Motorola Mostar programming + various others: Brinkley Electronics

Midland Radio Programming & limited repairs of models: Syntech I Syntech II & Midland XTR. Contact: J.D. @ 623-587-0733 (Phoenix Arizona).  Also does Kenwood Commercial Radios.

Vertex-Standard, Ritron, Maxon, Jobcon & Uniden programming and repairs: Advantage Communications


Pre Employment Screening Services

We only handle these Radios: 

Motorola Spectra VHF/UHF (Conventional only - No Trunked Systems)
Motorola Syntor X9000 Programming
Motorola HT 600 / Radius P200
Motorola HT1000 Programming
Motorola GTX Series, mobile & portable (non-trunking)
GE Delta-S
GE Delta-SX
GE Phoenix-S
GE Phoenix-SX
GE S550 Control Heads
GE S950 Control Heads
GE S990 Control Heads
GE RANGR Lowband VHF-UHF (Non EDACS/Non Trunking)




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